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Politico: ‘After Failing to Stop Kavanaugh, Dems Wonder If It’s Time to Be More Ruthless’

READ ARTICLE ... As NRO’s Charles Cooke said on Twitter, “Next time they should just murder the nominee.”Twitter Ads info and privacy
The reality is that Republicans (like the NRO crowd) for decades literally handed the country away to radical leftists for fear of being called mean names.

It wasn’t until Donald Trump’s no-apology tour that Republicans learned how to fight back and win.

Trump vs Justice Dept.

READ ARTICLE ...As House Intel chairman Devin Nunes points during his appearance this morning on Fox News, the top lawyer from the Democrat National Committee (DNC) was creating dirt on candidate Trump, and passing it to the top lawyer at the FBI, so the FBI could obtain a FISA Spy Warrant on Trump campaign personnel. 

Also, Acting Attorney General ROD ROSENSTEIN, is in serious legal trouble if he confirms that he planned to "wear a wire" and trap President Trump into saying something that Special Counsel Bob Mueller could indict him for, leading to Donald Trump's removal as U.S. President, via the "25th Amendment". 

Justice Kavanaugh: Only good on paper?

READ ARTICLE ... Now that Judge Kavanaugh is Justice Kavanaugh, here are some potential issues of concern looking ahead.  Let's hope conservative euphoria doesn't turn out to be unwarranted.
  1. How the other S.C. members will react in light of the controversy surrounding Kavanaugh's confirmation, especially possible grumbling by liberals Kagan, Breyer, Sotomayor, and Ginsburg that he's "tainted."  The three women may well believe Ford and act accordingly on a personal level.
  2. Let's hope there won't be any "leaks" by clerks or other Supreme Court staffers, suggesting a "destabilizing effect" or some such.  Chief Justice Roberts must continue to run a tight ship and enforce a "Vegas Rule."

Dems Blew It!

READ ARTICLE ....Democrat strategist Bryan Dean Wright joined “Fox & Friends” Monday morning to talk about why he thinks his own party’s efforts to stop the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh are likely to backfire.
“Democrats will suffer the rightful consequences of using the victims of sexual assault to advance a political agenda,” Wright, a former CIA agent, claimed in an op-ed column for Fox News.

Global Warming Hoax

READ ARTICLE HERE...  First, a disclaimer: I am not a climate scientist.  In fact, I am not a scientist of any kind.  But I do have a degree in electrical engineering, which I mention only to point out that I am at least as qualified as the next non-scientist to form rational opinions about global warming claims.
In obtaining my degree, I took enough classes in chemistry, physics, and geology to develop a keen appreciation of the scientific method, the best way ever devised for winnowing the truth from fakery and deception.  If taking the scientific method into account, no intelligent person can fail to see that the constant drumbeat of wild and hysterical claims about the climate are insults to the search for Truth.
Following are four reasons why I will bet my life that "climate change" is the greatest scientific and political hoax in human history.

McCarthy was RIGHT!

READ ARTICLE... How about reconsidering the origins of “McCarthyism” and understanding them for what they are—the very seeds of our Marxian destruction and collective shambles?
To set the scene, imagine that post-World War II period, when Americans were still trying to assess the depths and toxicity of the original “swamp,” which started to come into public view after nearly two decades of unchecked communist infiltration during most of the 1930s and ’40s. Presently, along came Sen. Joseph McCarthy, age 41, with that explosive list of federal security cases, which he presented on the floor of the U.S. Senate on Feb. 20, 1950.
No one realized it right away, but the so-called McCarthy Era had dawned. Good news for anti-communists but catastrophic news for communists engaged in treason, particularly inside the federal bureaucracy.

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Chistine Blasey-Ford .... DARPA Spy?

Read Story Here ... The study was published in the Journal of Clinical Psychology. The study title, abstract and authors can be confirmed at this link.
Interestingly, the study was funded by the Mental Insight Foundation (see detailed financial records, below) and was overseen by Dr. Lisa Butler of the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at the Stanford University School of Medicine. You can confirm these facts at this link.
The full text of the research paper describes methods to “create artificial situations.” Here’s some of the actual language from the paper, which can be viewed in full at this link from

Mike Adams EMERGENCY REPORT: Signed Executive Orders reveal Trump is planning mass arrests, military tribunals for deep state traitors like Comey, Clinton and Obama

Read Story and See Video Here ... Trump’s plan to rescue America from the globalists will require temporary martial law.

   In order to halt this global dictatorship and defend America against traitors who are working to destroy it, President Trump must carry out the following actions:
   1) Achieve the release of the declassified, unredacted deep state documents from within the FBI and DOJ that will reveal the full extent of deep state treason against America. (The FBI and DOJ are currently stalling this effort, furthering their treason against America and proving they have a lot to hide.) Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff and Warner have already committed acts of treason in calling on the FBI and DOJ to defy this presidential order.
   2) Invoke the national emergency powers which are constitutionally granted to the executive branch of government. (Technically, this already happened in 2017.)
   3) Invoke President Obama’s executive order 13618 and seize control of Google, Facebook, CNN, Washington Post and the New York Times to halt the treasonous lies, coordinated election fraud and political coup attempt which is being run by all these traitors of America.

Here's the polygraph test Christine Blasey Ford took on her allegations against Kavanaugh

Read Story Here ... WASHINGTON - An examination taken by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford was released Wednesday, showing she passed a polygraph test over the sexual assault allegations she's lodged against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.  
The August 7 examination, held in a Maryland Hilton Hotel, consisted of a one-page, handwritten statement by Ford, an interview and two questions: Is any part of your statement false? And, Did you make up any part of your statement? 
She answered both with a no. The Virginia-based examiner, Jeremiah Hanafin, noted both answers were deemed "not indicative of deception," according to the report obtained by USA TODAY. 

Christine Blasey-Ford Friend In Delaware Was Career FBI Agent and Likely Together During Accusation Letter Construct…

Read Story Here ...In a letter released last night from a former boyfriend of Christine Blasey-Ford, there was a name curiously not redacted. The name of Monica L McLean was revealed as a life-long friend who Ms. Ford helped with polygraph preparation.
The media has begun to focus on the letter as outlining a lie told by Ms. Ford during recent congressional testimony… But the backstory to Ms. Monica Lee McLean is an even bigger story.