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Here's the Info I Promised ...

> A somber Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) report circulating in the Kremlin today says that a top American Democratic Party staffer preparing to testify against Hillary Clinton was assassinated this past Sunday during a secret meeting in Washington D.C. he believed he was having with Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agents, but who turned out, instead, to be a “hit team”—and who, in turn, were captured yesterday after a running gun battle with US federal police forces just blocks from the White House. [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]
> According to this report, SVR “electronic specialists” performing counterintelligence “missions/operations” noted on 7 July an “enormous/gigantic” increase of computer and telephonic traffic between the Democratic National Committee (DNC) headquarters in Washington D.C. and the Clinton Foundation (CF) offices in New York City.
>Upon a “deeper/broader” investigation into this “odd/strange” increase in communications between these believed to be separate organizations, this report continues, SVR analysts determined that the original initiating person responsible was a 27-year-old DNC official named SETH RICH.
>What had drawn the concern of DNC official Seth Rich causing him to contact the Clinton Foundation, this report explains, was his discovery of a “pay-to-play” scheme that involved people seeking jobs with a new Hillary Clinton presidential administration to funnel money to the Clinton’s through their foundation with various US federal government positions being designated by the dollar amount it would cost to buy them.
TL;DR.: Seth Rich discovered a ”Pay to play” scheme where people basically pay for government positions.
> SVR analysts, while preparing to document the results of their 7 July probe into the Clinton Foundation concerns of DNC official Seth Rich, became alarmed when they discovered that his “micro computer system” (cell phone?) had become “infected/virused” by “killers/assassins” working for the Clinton’s—and who the SVR had previously documented as being involved in the assassination of the husband of the State of Georgia prosecutor investigating Bill Clinton for child sex crimes and the murder of American pop singer Christina Grimmie and massacre of nearly 50 gay pride celebrants. Fearing that the life of DNC official Seth Rich was in danger due to his being “tracked/targeted” by this known Clinton “hit team”, this report says, SVR Director Mikhail Fradkov authorized an emergency contact between his agency and the US State Department—but, and shockingly, when Russian diplomats presented the SVR findings to US authorities, on 7 July, they were immediately expelled from the United States.
> the US State Department thanked Russia for the information stating that it would be “taken care of”, and then formally requested that the matter remain secret. Seth Rich died 24 hours later at 4:19 am
> SVR intelligence analysts contributing to this report speculate that this latest assassination ordered by the Clinton’s has enraged FBI Director JAMES COMEY who barely a week ago allowed Hillary Clinton to walk free from her many crimes committed against her own government and people—and that he had no choice to do because of his own involvement with the Clinton Foundation while he was the director of the notorious HSBC money laundering bank that funneled hundreds-of-millions of dollars to the Clinton’s.
TL;DR.: Seth Rich knew too much.
My opinion was that he was murdered by a hit-team after he discovered the DNC would sell important positions to high payers.
He realized this because he had direct access to that info as he was an analyst for the democratic party.
He wasn’t robbed, just shot at 4:20.
The Media is saying he was on the phone with his girlfriend but (and I have researched far and wide, even getting Rich’s dad phone number and address) Rich’s girlfriend’s name is never mentioned anywhere.
So I’m asking :
Who was Seth Conrad Rich’s girlfriend at the moment of his murder and what were her connections?
I’ll add this http://freerepublic.com/focus/news/3452614/replies?c=34
Mentions girlfriend of 2 years, but there are no pics on Facebook or any other info on her. It was a hit…
Seth Rich was the key witness in a case filed against Edison Media Research and the alarming discrepancies between the results and exit polls, and their chummy relationship with John Husted. He was executed.
This is the story:
>Sunday Morning July 10 at 4:19, Seth Rich, a key DNC staffer in charge of voter databases was murdered right outside his home in Washington DC. As Fitrakis, Johnson, other election integrity activists and their paralegals were exchanging final emails prior to filing Seth Rich was murdered. There are no witnesses, no suspects, his wallet and cellphone were recovered at the scene and the DC Metro police are “pursuing all possible motives.”
>The official police report states “CIC reports the sound of gunshots at 2134 Flagler Pl. NW. Upon arriving to the scene, the decedent was laying in the Southwest corner of the intersection of W St. and Flagler Pl. NW. The decedent was conscious and breathing with apparent gunshot wound(s) to the back. The decedent was transported to local area hospital and was pronounced by attending physician at 0557 hours.”
>A key potential witness in derivative litigation was shot multiple times in the back 31 hours before this suit was filed. Only a very bad reporter would not be curious. Fitrakis was not aware of Rich’s death until after the filing, as this reporter discovered the suit had been filed while calling him for comment on Rich’s murder. Fitrakis responded with “Wait what? Who? When?”
>After graduating in 2011, Seth was hired by a national polling company, Greenberg Quinlan Rosner, and relocated to Washington, DC. Once again Seth surrounded himself with a caring community of friends, including his girlfriend Kelsey
Also, right before he worked for the DNC he worked here:
>Research Data Associate
>Greenberg Quinlan Rosner
>March 2012 – May 2014 (2 years 3 months)
Guess who they are connected with?
>Stanley B. Greenberg
>Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research, Inc.
>Washington, D.C.
>Pollster and Senior Adviser to the President, 1991-1995
President Clinton, btw
>Rich was appointed by DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz in 2014 as Data Director of the DNC’s Voter Expansion Project. He would have had intimate knowledge of the NGP VAN, and its capabilities.
>D.C.-based NGP VAN, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) tech company that specializes in providing campaign software to progressive campaign organizations, has been working to add a new and important feature to it’s platform: a sidebar navigation bar feature. The update, however, is more significant than perhaps understood at face value because it represents a larger development trend for NGP VAN ahead of a complex general election. The move effectively comes at a time when NGP VAN’s internal design team, led by Justin Lewis, is following through on multiple projects that aim to make the platform—which is used by volunteers, canvassers and campaign staff to run on-ground operations—more user-friendly.
NGP VAN is the front end of votebuilder.com
>Votebuilder.com is hosted on IP address which is located in Dover, and it is owerned by Incapsula and its ISP: Incapsula
>Ngpvan.com is hosted on IP address which is located in Dover, and it is owerned by Incapsula and its ISP: Incapsula
Incapsula used to be Imperva Inc., guess who used to be part owner of that company?
> George Soros Full Second Quarter 13F Filing
> IMPERVA INC COM 45321L100 3,731 142,500 SH SOLE 1
Greenberg Quinlan Rosner is employed by the DNC AND the DCCC, both of wich were Hacked. One of Greenberg’s partners worked for Bill Clinton in the Past.
>They showed Clinton a photo of Seth and his girlfriend outside the White House. Mary Rich said Clinton remarked on what a room-brightening smile he had.
>Joel asked if the candidate would sign a photo for the girlfriend, whom he identified only as Kelsey from the Detroit area. Tuesday morning, he received the autographed photo, which included an expression of sympathy from Clinton.

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