Friday, February 24, 2017

Blog: Have the Chicoms finally had it with the Norks?

For the Chinese to suddenly talk publicly about the North Korea's imminent demise and the importance of enforcing UN sanctions against what had been a close ally until now suggests something fairly unfriendly going on.
It follows from several days of back and forth that could have been read more than one way, but taken together with these latest headlines, suggest an angry Beijing out to thrash its hideous little neighbor. The gloves are off.
Four days ago, China cut off North Korea's access to its markets to sell coal for the year, yanking about a billion dollars in an expected hard currency inflow to the Hermit state, according to this CNN chart. The move was in response to North Korea's Feb. 12 illegal launch of a medium-range ballistic missile.
North Korea for its part took to publicly ridiculing China, two days ago calling it a U.S. puppet, 'dancing to the U.S.' tune.' Read more here:


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