Thursday, February 23, 2017

Carr: It’s the desperate Democrats who are truly deranged

Every week the snowflakes come up with a new pipe dream to get rid of Donald Trump.
The “recount” failed. Ditto the faithless electors. The emoluments clause was too boring, not to mention absurd, to ever catch fire. Impeachment? C’mon. Neocons like Bill Kristol dream of a “deep state” military coup. Overseas, deranged columnists are fantasizing about violence.
This week, the alt-left has concocted a new one — the 25th Amendment to the Constitution.
Yeah, yeah! That’s the ticket! See, Trump’s crazy and, and — dude, that amendment says the Cabinet can, you know, like, remove him if he is “unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office.”
But like, Trump could fire the Cabinet, so, like, man, we need a new amendment so only Democrats can decide to remove an elected Republican. But dude, this is the bummer — the Republicans control most of the state Legislatures, man …. Read more here:


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