Tuesday, March 7, 2017

In October, Harry Reid admitted that Obama wiretapped Trump campaign

In a tweetstorm on Saturday morning, President Donald Trump alleged that the Obama administration wiretapped his residence and campaign in the final months of the election. These allegations have embroiled Capitol Hill and the media in recent days, and some form of an investigation will certainly follow.
Ever since Trump’s revelations, Democrats and liberal media elites have scrambled to deny, denounce, and discredit the idea that the Obama Administration spied on Trump’s campaign.
There’s just one little problem…
Former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid admitted several times, both before and after the election, that some form of surveillance of the Trump campaign was ongoing, and that the intelligence community had told him this as fact. http://thirdestatenewsgroup.com/in-october-harry-reid-admitted-that-obama-wiretapped-trump-campaign/


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