Thursday, January 26, 2017

Christianity Is So Hated In Somalia That If You Say You Are A Christian The Muslims Will Behead You On The Spot

All Muslim nations are dangerous to be a Christian in, but none like Somalia. The violence against Christians there is so bad that according to a recent report, merely being accused of associating at all with Christianity will get you beheaded on the spot by the Muslims:
North Korea has long been recognized as a country where Christians face the worst persecution for their faith. But there’s a lesser known country that follows closely behind where those who are even suspected of having converted to Christianity are rushed through public beheadings without a trial — Somalia.
“Converts to Christianity in the country have been facing massive problems and their killing is very common. Unlike in North Korea, on their discovery they would not last a day in a trial or ever get the chance to be sentenced to a labor camp,” Dembele told CP. 

“Instead, the mere suspicion leads to a rushed public beheading. Christians cannot raise their children according to their faith and would face severe problems if they attempted to celebrate Christian holidays. In a nutshell, to survive in the country Christians must pretend not to be Christians.”
Dembele reflected on the account of a Somali convert to Christianity who fled the country, but stressed that details can not be shared due to security concerns.
“When his conversion became known, he faced hostility from his own family (except from his mother who protected him). Fearing for his life, he fled the country. But life is very challenging in his new home too,” the law analyst explained.
“He feels he cannot attend worship at a normal church, since non-Somali Christians tend to automatically think he might have come to attack Christians. So this brother in Christ finds himself asking the very fundamental question: Where do I belong in this world? Read more here:


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