Thursday, January 26, 2017

Trump Says Millions Voted Illegally. Is He Right?

The latest controversy involving President Donald Trump is his latest statement that millions of people voted illegally and it cost him the popular vote. The media is enraged, running "fact-checks" claiming that it's another example of Trump's "alternative facts." Who is right?
Per usual, the answer seems to be somewhere in the middle: Trump is correct that there were likely millions of illegal votes but not to the point where it lost him the popular vote.
The Daily Wire's James Barrett has reported that Trump claimed the number of illegals that voted were in the "3-5 million" range, which would have been enough to overcome the two to three million vote deficit in which he lost the popular vote to Hillary Clinton. The media, of course, has claimed that there is no such evidence of illegals voting.
However, the Daily Wire's John Nolte noted that in 2014, the Washington Post reported on a Harvard study that provided evidence of illegals voting:


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