Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Ethno-Nationalists Against Jeff Sessions

The National Council for La Raza has been at the forefront of the campaign against Senator Jeff Sessions as well as President Trump’s promise to enforce our immigration laws honestly and equally. Last weekend, the group arranged a march with Rev. Sharpton to protest the Sessions appointment. It has also organized news conferences on the issue, published an anti-Sessions attack on its homepage, are actively promoting the Twitter initiative #StopSessions, and had this to say about the senator in a recent email to its members: “[H]ow can we trust someone with ties to extremist anti-immigrant groups to oversee the lives of immigrants and the Latino community?” His views are “diametrically opposed to those of the Latino community… Tell your senators to protect and defend the rights of all Americans by opposing the confirmation of Sen. Sessions. Adelante.”
The organization’s attack against racial politics and ethnocentrism may leave some scratching their heads given the group’s own forceful ethno-nationalist mandate and long-time racialist ties to anti-white racist UT-Arlington professor Jose Angel Gutierrez. Before becoming a teacher, Gutierrez created a string of extremist ethno-nationalist organizations, including La Raza Unida ("The United Race"), a political party based in Texas, and the beret-and-combat-boot-wearing Mexican American Youth Organization (MAYO). He was also a key player in the Brown Berets, a paramilitary organization also from the late sixties that’s recently had a resurgence following its alliance with Black Lives Matter.


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